On Nov. 18, 2012, Metallica fans celebrated the 15th anniversary of the release of 'ReLoad.' As the band's seventh studio album, 'ReLoad' has delivered memorable hits like 'The Unforgiven II,' 'The Memory Remains' and most notably, 'Fuel.'

'ReLoad' contains songs that were developed during the writing and recording of their previous album, 'Load.' While many fans expected 'ReLoad' to simply be a record of b-sides or outtakes from the 'Load' sessions, they were pleasantly surprised to realize that 'ReLoad' stands on its own.

Thirteen tracks make up this 76-minute long album. It is a very dynamic recording with rocking tunes like 'Bad Seed' and 'Prince Charming,' but also covers unique ground for the band, namely on the track 'Low Man's Lyric.'

To date, 'ReLoad' has sold around four million copies and is responsible for a '98 Grammy Award for Metallica. This is the last studio album that would include bassist Jason Newsted.

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