More than six years after 'The Unforgiven' was released on Metallica's self-titled 1991 album, the band unleashed the next episode of the song series with 'The Unforgiven II' on 'ReLoad.' To accompany the second single from that album, Metallica partnered back up with Matt Mahurin to direct the music video.

Filmed in Los Angeles, 'The Unforgiven II' made its premiere on Jan. 20, 1998. Mahurin was the perfect director for this music video since he created the original video for 'The Unforgiven.' It should come as no surprise then that his latest creation would follow a similar theme and feel to 'The Unforgiven.'

'The Unforgiven II' includes the same horn at the beginning of the song as its predecessor. That horn was taken from the Western film, 'The Unforgiven,' and was reversed to avoid a direct connection to the movie.