UPDATE: After teasing it earlier this year, Metallica have now revealed an unboxing video showcasing their Ninja Star turntable. The band teamed up with Pro-Ject Audio to create this top of the line turntable and you can see how it comes together in the new boxing video below. It's currently available through Metallica.com and Project-audio.com. Now head below to watch.

Pro-Ject x Metallica: Ninja Star Turntable Unboxing Video

Metallica has some of the coolest merch and coming soon might be the coolest piece yet. Their new limited edition record player is designed and handmade in Europe and is definitely the most metal looking turntable ever.

The record player has super sharp edges mirroring the band's logo. The turntable has a sick-looking stylus tonearm is a unique shape and the record player is just begging for you to blare Ride the Lightning on it.

The website of the company that made the turntable, Pro-Ject, states "The Metallica Team chose Pro_ject as their collaborative partner to create a Metallica-themed record player, continuing the brand's proud tradition of collaboration with artists." Pro-Ject has tons of artist series record players and has collaborations with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hank Theessink and more.

The Metallica Artist Series Turntable has a mirror-finished metal logo contour which gives it its distinctive look. "The S-shaped tonearm comes with a pre-installed Pick it S2 C integrated cartridge & headshell but allows for easy cartridge swapping via the detachable assembly. Tracking force, anti-skating and VTA are fully adjustable for fine-tuning and position the Metallica Limited Edition Turntable as a true audiophile investment."

The Metallica turntable costs $1,599.00 and is "coming this summer" according to Pro-Ject. Take a look at the most metal looking vinyl turntable in existence below.

Look: Metallica Just Made the Most Metal Looking Vinyl Turntable

Here's a look at Metallica's new $1599.00 turntable that's coming soon.

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