Did you know that you can stream The Ultimate Metallica Show 24/7 anywhere in the country? If you have the Ultimate Metallica app on your phone or bookmark the desktop streaming player, you'll never miss a second of the show.

How Do I Stream The Ultimate Metallica Show?

It's actually quite simple. The easiest way to stream the show is to download the Ultimate Metallica app. Once it's on your phone, open it up and click the "Now Playing" button at the top of the screen. If you're listening on your desktop, just bookmark this page and you'll be able to tune in whenever you'd like.

What Will I Hear on the Ultimate Metallica Stream?

We are streaming 12 episodes of The Ultimate Metallica Show throughout the week. Each show is two hours long and packed with 16 Metallica tunes, which means there are 24 hours of the radio show and nearly 200 songs rotating every single week. As a new show debuts, the oldest show disappears, so there will always be fresh content on the stream.

Is There a Schedule For the Ultimate Metallica Stream?

The new show debuts Saturdays at 9PM ET. It plays nonstop through the end of Saturday and all day Sunday; the final airing of the weekend begins at 1AM ET on Monday morning.

The new show airs again on Tuesdays at 11AM ET, Wednesdays at 9PM ET, Thursdays at 7AM ET and Fridays at 5PM ET.

Throughout the week, you'll hear 11 other shows rotating on different schedules each day, so if you tune in at the same time each day, you'll hear different songs and content from the show.

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You can always check out recaps of The Ultimate Metallica Show—which include a bit of commentary as well as the full playlist—right here.

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