It's official: The next release in The Metallica Vinyl Club is here and it's a doozy.

Vinyl Club subscribers have started to receive shipment updates for the next exclusive 12-inch and Metallica have updated their website with all the details. Spoiler alert: If you want to be surprised when you open your package, stop reading now.

The Metallica Vinyl Club — Release No. 2 — June 13, 2022

The new release is officially titled St. Anger Live Rarities and it features four live tracks recorded in 2003 and 2004. As the title suggests, all four songs are live performances of St. Anger tunes and all four of them don't often get the glory of being played onstage.

The first track is "Sweet Amber" performed at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas on Sept. 4, 2004. This is as rare as they come; it's the one and only time "Sweet Amber" has ever been performed live.

Watch Footage From Metallica's Concert in Lubbock, Texas in 2004

Next up is "The Unnamed Feeling" recorded at Osaka-Jou Hall in Osaka, Japan, on Nov. 13, 2003. While the song has been played 17 times by the band, this particular performance was the second time they pulled it out onstage. "The Unnamed Feeling" hasn't been played live since March 14, 2004.

The third track is "Dirty Window," a St. Anger song that still finds its way onto Metallica's setlists; they performed it at their 40th-anniversary celebration in 2021 and at their recent show in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 10, 2022. This recording is taken from Metallica's performance at the Sydney Entertainment Center in Sydney, Australia, on Jan. 21, 2004.

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The last recording on St. Anger Live Rarities is the third and final performance ever—as of now, at least—of "Some Kind of Monster"; the show was at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Aug. 27, 2004.

A Few More Details

As fans might expect, the album cover features the distinct work of Pushead. If you ever caught Metallica on their Madly In Anger Tour and happened to buy a T-shirt, you will probably recognize the artwork.

St. Anger Live Rarities Album Cover

'St. Anger Live Rarities' - The Metallica Vinyl Club
Blackened Recordings

Greg Fidelman executive produced and mixed St. Anger Live Rarities, and the record was mastered by Billy Joe Bowers at Casa de Amor.

If you've read this far, don't worry, there will still be a surprise or two in the record when it lands in your mailbox. Of course, there are always the personal liner notes written by a member of the band (likely Lars Ulrich). And with the first release of The Vinyl Club 2.0, Blackened 2020, fans received a special-edition slipmat.

Who knows what will be packaged with St. Anger Live Rarities?

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