No one will ever accuse Metallica of not paying enough attention to their gigantic, worldwide fanbase. Before the release of their latest DVD/Blu-Ray adventure, 'Quebec Magnetic,' the band gave fans a sneak peek at what to expect by sharing three videos of performances from the footage. Then, even on the day of the release (Dec. 11), Metallica dropped two more videos for their fans!

The performance of 'Damage, Inc.' might just be our favorites from 'Quebec Magnetic.' Don't get us wrong, we love 'Master of Puppets,' 'The Four Horsemen' and 'The Day That Never Comes.' But there's something about the rawness of 'Tallica's closing track to 1986's epic album, 'Master of Puppets.' From the thrashy guitar riffs to the relentless drum beats, Metallica serve up a non-stop rocker with this tune.

And coming in at just a shade under 300 live performances, 'Damage, Inc.' is somewhat of a rarity for Metallica concerts. The band holds nothing back with 'Quebec Magnetic,' and it's super apparent during this song. Start with pryo, throw in some rabid lyrics and vocals from James Hetfield and mix them with an absolute face-melting performance by Kirk Hammett, and you have one of our favorite performances from 'Quebec Magnetic.'

If this video doesn't get you excited to go out and pick up Metallica's first-ever self-released product, we don't know what will. Enjoy.

Metallica Perform 'Damage, Inc.' - 'Quebec Magnetic'

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