"Fixxxer" has become a bit of a cult favorite amongst Metallica fans. In fact, at the first night of their 40th anniversary shows in San Francisco, several fans had signs and flags begging them to play the Reload track. Though those fans had probably been to many shows before hoping they'd see the first-ever live performance of "Fixxxer," this would prove to be their lucky night.

On Dec. 17, 2021, at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Metallica played "Fixxxer" for the first time ever in their career—24 years after it was first released. Now, the band has released an official video of the performance and you can check it out below:

As if the performance wasn't cool enough, the giant screens hanging above the stage displayed Pushead's unforgettable "Fixxxer" artwork as well as some lyrics from the track.

Check out some shots below:

Pushead "Fixxxer"
Metallica via YouTube

"Fixxxer" is the second video Metallica have released from their 40th anniversary shows. The first was "Trapped Under Ice," also from night one:

You can download the entire show from that first night at LiveMetallica.com.

Photos From Metallica's 40th Anniversary Show

Photos from the first show of Metallica's 40th anniversary celebration at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

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