"I don't know how to live through this Hell!"

It's been an awesome surprise to see Metallica make "Trapped Under Ice" a regular part of so many of their recent European shows. Prior to them bringing it out onstage this summer, they performed it once in 2021 at their first 40th-anniversary gig in San Francisco. And before that, they hadn't played it since Orion Music + More in 2012 when they performed Ride the Lightning in its entirety.

For fans who haven't been lucky enough to witness the song live in person, Metallica want you to know they care about you, too, so they've shared their performance of "Trapped Under Ice" from their set at Firenze Rocks in Florence, Italy, on June 19, 2022. Check it out in the player below.

Watch Metallica Perform "Trapped Under Ice" Live in Florence

To date, they've only played "Trapped Under Ice" 27 times for a live audience, first debuting it on Nov. 17, 1984, in Poperinge, Belgium. The last time it was a regular part of a tour's setlist was in 2009 as Metallica rocked all over the globe on their World Magnetic tour; coincidentally, 2009 was the last time Metallica played the song in Italy.

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"Trapped Under Ice" is just one of many surprises Metallica have included in their setlist this summer. "Dirty Window" from St. Anger is becoming a staple, as is Master of Puppets' "Damage, Inc." Of course, fans are still blown away by the fact that "Enter Sandman" is no longer the song that Metallica are closing their nights out with, and instead, it's holding strong in the third slot with "Whiplash" and "Creeping Death" kicking things off.

Extra Credit: Download Metallica's Hellfest Concert

Not only do fans have access to Metallica's full Firenze Rocks show, but you can now download and stream the band's complete set at Hellfest on June 26 in Clisson, France. Grab it at LiveMetallica.com and over at nugs.net. Hellfest did not feature "Trapped Under Ice," but instead, "Wherever I May Roam" took its spot in the setlist.

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