Though it might not have the most iconic guitar riff in Metallica's catalog—that honor likely belongs to "Enter Sandman"—the opening of "Seek & Destroy" will always lead to fans screaming their lungs out and throwing their horns high up in the air.

Of course, that's exactly what happened on April 30, 2022, at Campo Argentino de Polo in Buenos Aires.

After the one-two-three punch of "Whiplash," "Ride the Lightning" and "Fuel," Metallica kept things loud and heavy as they broke out "Seek & Destroy." Thanks to their ongoing efforts in capturing some of the best moments of their live shows, fans can watch the performance of the Kill 'Em All classic below.

Watch Metallica Perform "Seek & Destroy" in Buenos Aires

As he does wherever he goes, James Hetfield altered the opening line of the song with a nod to the Argentinian capital city, singing, "We're scanning the scene in Buenos Aires tonight." As you can see and hear, the thousands of fans in attendance roared with approval.

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Since they debuted it 40 years ago at The Concert Factory in Costa Mesa, Calif., Metallica have rocked "Seek & Destroy" nearly 1,600 times. At that show on July 3, 1982—the ninth concert of their career—Metallica opened with "Hit the Lights" and closed the night with "Motorbreath."

Though "Seek & Destroy" was never released as an official single, a live track was featured on the release of "Jump In the Fire," along with a live recording of "Phantom Lord." Another live performance was captured for the "Whiplash" single release in 1984, too.

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