Filmed in Long Beach, California, the music video for Metallica's 'One' debuted on Jan. 22, 1989. The single from 1988's '...And Justice for All' was the first song Metallica used to create a music video. Following the theme of the lyrics, the video focuses on a war ravaged soldier, featuring audio and video clips from the 1971 film 'Johnny Got His Gun.'

'One' was directed by Bill Pope and Michael Salomon. Pope is an award-winning cinematographer. His work has been seen in several successful films including the 'Matrix' trilogy, 'Army of Darkness' and 'Darkman.'

There were actually three versions of this music video created. The original version contains scenes of Metallica performing the song along with clips from 'Johnny Got His Gun.' Version number two is the same as one, just shorter. The third version of 'One' drops all of the clips from the movie and focuses only on the band's performance.

The single won the award for Best Metal Performance at 1990's Grammy Awards. This was the first time that accolade was ever awarded.

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