On the third night of their four-night residency on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Metallica not only played their legendary song "Master of Puppets" in full, they also played with puppets in a small theatre, putting on a show for a handful of children.

Playing one song while occupying nearly nine minutes of television time during a 60-minute program bogged down by commercial breaks eating into the actual show time, seems unthinkable. Factor in that it's a relentless thrash track and Metallica have again brought metal to mainstream places that no other band is capable of achieving.

It's James Hetfield in particular who stood out the most, singing in a higher pitch than usual and it sounded incredible. He'll turn 60 this summer and he's keeping the most delicate of all instruments in mighty fine shape, which bodes well for Metallica's upcoming world tour too.

Elsewhere during last night's episode (April 12), Metallica proved that sometimes low-hanging fruit is also the best-tasting fruit, getting schooled in the art of puppetry before being challenged to master the craft in an hour before putting their skills to the test in front of a young viewing audience.

It's pretty endearing as the four members of Metallica put on a show where the puppets decide to form a band together, but have a tough time figuring out what style of music to play. They get a little help from another puppet — Satan — who encourages the puppet band to play metal.

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Watch both videos below.

Metallica's new album, 72 Seasons, comes out tomorrow (April 14) and the band will soon embark on a world tour in support. See the upcoming tour dates here and head to this location for tickets.

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