Last week, Record Store Day unveiled its massive and always-anticipated list of exclusive releases for this year's celebration, and they did so in epic style. Inviting members of the press to the iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York City's Greenwich Village, those in attendance were treated to a heavy surprise.

"Both [Record Store Day] and [Electric Lady Studios] were cool enough to let us roll up with the 72 Seasons security team to spin both "Lux Æterna" and "Screaming Suicide" for the first time in public on vinyl," Metallica revealed on their social media.

You can see their recap video—which includes glimpses of both songs on white-label wax—in the player below.

Metallica are no strangers to Record Store Day.

For the first-ever RSD in 2008, Metallica spent hours at Rasputin Music Music in Berkeley, Calif., meeting fans and vinyl lovers alike, and in 2016, they served as official RSD Ambassadors—and they've dished out many exclusive releases over the years for the holiday, too.

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As if all of that wasn't enough love shown for vinyl records, Metallica recently launched a one-of-a-kind contest that will give a lucky winner the opportunity to fly to an undisclosed location referred to as, simply, "the U.S. Pressing Plant," to watch 72 Seasons being pressed on vinyl in realtime. Not only that, but the winner will get to take home the final record that is pressed.

Oh, and this winner will also receive Metallica's entire studio catalog on vinyl, too.

Start crossing your fingers and enter to win here, and learn more about Record Store Day 2023 here.

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