Metallica have some epic songs that span their more than three decades of creating music. From tracks like 'Master of Puppets' to 'Creeping Death,' the band has always made a statement with their crushing music and brutal lyrics. Sometimes, though, the biggest statements are made when the focus is purely on the music.

Throughout Metallica's career, they have released six instrumental songs. These songs can be found on the band's first four albums, 'S&M' and their latest studio release, 'Death Magnetic.'

When you're listening to an album like 'Master of Puppets' and you come across 'Orion,' it only proves how powerful Metallica's impact on the world of music really is. The fact that they segue between songs like 'Leper Messiah' and 'Damage, Inc.' with an instrumental track on arguably one of the greatest albums ever released adds to the list of reasons why Metallica will forever be the kings of rock 'n' roll.

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