Metallica's latest album 72 Seasons came out just under two weeks ago, but the first show of their 2023 tour schedule takes place today (April 27) in Amsterdam. Once it's over, we'll know how many new songs the band added to their setlist.

The group has played the song "Lux Aeterna," which was the first song they released from the new album back in November, live a couple of times since it came out. They debuted it live at their Helping Hands concert in December, and have also performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Howard Stern Show. The only other track from the record that they've played since is "72 Seasons" at Ready Set Studios in Amsterdam last week [via].

See a video of the full performance, which also includes "Sad But True" and "Lux Aeterna," below.

So, aside from "Lux Aeterna" and "72 Seasons," we're not sure which other tracks from the album we can expect to hear live during their upcoming shows. We do know, though that Kirk Hammett is really looking forward to playing them all at some point.

"I'm really excited to play all these songs live because whenever we can get new material into the setlist, it's always super exciting. And it's great to see how these songs are received live, so I'm looking forward to seeing how successful these songs are," the guitarist said in a track-by-track video on the band's Instagram page.

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Of the 12 tracks, we want to know which one Metallica fans are looking forward to hearing played live the most. We obviously can't guarantee that they will all be played, but head below to vote for the No. 1 track you want to hear live, and get Metallica tickets here.

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