While Metallica were closing things out at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City this past weekend, The Ultimate Metallica Show revisited their 2016 performance at the same fest.

We opened the show with their entire set, which consisted of five songs performed in Central Park, and then threw in a couple of killer covers from prog rock legends Dream Theater and punk rockers IDLES.

The highlight of the show for me, though, came with "Eye of the Beholder," because it gave me a chance to play a clip of "Beguiled," the new song from Smashing Pumpkins; the guitar riff in "Beguiled" sounds like it was inspired by some of the guitar work on the ...And Justice For All track. If you don't believe me, listen to "Beguiled" here and then crank up "Eye of the Beholder" and see if you hear the homage.

If you missed any of the show, check out the full recap below.

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 1

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 2

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On the next Ultimate Metallica Show, I plan to take you on a trip down memory lane with some old-school live performances from Metallica. If you have a request or a favorite show you want to hear, send me a message in the Ultimate Metallica app and let me know.

Watch Metallica Perform "Master of Puppets" at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival

Photos From Metallica's Performance at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival

Photos from Metallica's performance at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival at Central Park in New York City.

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