The Harp Twins are back with another Metallica cover. This time around twin sisters Camille and Kennerly Kitt give "One" the ethereal harp treatment. Check out the video above.

The duo has done numerous harp covers of hard rock and metal songs. In addition to "One," they have also covered Metallica tracks "Nothing Else Matters" and "The Unforgiven." One of their most viewed videos is their take on Ozzy Osbourne‘s "Crazy Train."

In an interview, the twins talked about how they go about arranging the songs that obviously don't have harps in the original versions: "We always start our creative process by listening to the song we’re going to arrange again and again. We usually start with building the melodic framework and then start discussing other elements. Often we’re tweaking arrangements even as we’re learning and memorizing… we think of additional ideas to try, or figure out techniques/patterns that work even better that our initial arrangement."

They continue, "We love the challenge of taking a song usually performed by an entire rock band or orchestra and making it work on just two harps; no overlays, loops, or backtracks. There is something very beautiful to us in stripping a song down to its essence and building again from there. It’s exciting to bring new life to a piece and make it our own."

The Harp Twins' YouTube page features them performing songs from artists in numerous genres ranging from Iron Maiden to Fleetwood Mac to Deep Purple to Cyndi Lauper. Check out their rendition of Megadeth's "A Tout le Monde" below.

The Harp Twins Cover Megadeth's "A Tout le Monde"

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