Jason Newsted has got the momentum back and he's not stopping anytime soon. The former Metallica bassist announced his musical return with his self-titled band, then issued the 'Metal' EP earlier this year. Now fans can look forward to the first full-length album from Newsted.

The singer-bassist recently checked in from his studio with a video update letting fans know that the road to a new album is almost complete. In his message (seen below), he stated, "Last day of recording for the new LP. We're kicking into mix mode tomorrow."

Newsted also used the screen time to convey his excitement over the band's upcoming tour dates, which begin April 19 at the Red House in Walnut Creek, Calif. Newsted teased that this would be "one dozen exclusive shows before we head overseas for festival appearances."

Newsted recently added Staind guitarist Mike Mushok to his band and has stated his pleasure at finally being able to perform again. The rocker told Full Metal Jackie, "It really is great to be back. It’s overwhelming and I feel young again with it. I think the fountain of youth is within music or something where you find you have a purpose like that – fortunately this stuff has a lot of juice and you get to pump up your heart a lot. I’m still the same fighting weight I was all the times I’ve played, I’ve always kept that metal alive even when I was just painting and the whole thing I still kept that juice going. Now it’s back and I have an opportunity to show off a little bit or maybe something I’ve been storing for a long time and I didn’t even know it."

Stay tuned for more on Newsted's forthcoming full-length album in the coming weeks.

Watch Jason Newsted's Album Progress Video Update