Metallica's 'Through the Never' will hit the big screen at the end of this month (Sept. 27) in IMAX theaters and then enjoy a theatrical run at the regular ol' multiplex starting Oct. 4. Want an early taste of the flick? How about two?

Your prayers are answered, as the band has served up two teaser clips from the film, which mixes live and plot footage.

The first clip, viewable above, sets the stage, literally, for the chaos that ensues at Metallica gigs. The band's music has transformative power, and can cause riot squad cops to turn their gear and shields into percussive instruments. It's a dicey situation, laced with intensity. Cops? Riot gear? Flares? Guard dogs? You bet! What's going on? Well, you'll have to go see the movie to find out.

The second clip, which you can view below, features more of the "riot" footage and lots of live Metallica performance scenes. This teaser is actually more performance-driven than the first look. Together, the clips give you a look at the film's unique perspective, as plot bleeds into performances.

In case you need a briefing, the movie stars Dane DeHaan as Trip, a Metallica roadie who receives a critical mission on the night of a big show. Taking care of business is no small task for Trip. He attempts to complete his appointed rounds -- we know, like a postal worker -- through some serious trials and tribulations.

Watch Another Metallica 'Through the Never' Clip