'The Day That Never Comes,' the first single from Metallica's 'Death Magnetic,' made its music video debut on Sept. 1, 2008. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, the video was filmed outside of Los Angeles in the desert and follows the story of a Marine who has a near-death experience that affects his decisions made in a future event.

In addition to the footage of the Marines, Metallica are seen throughout the video performing 'The Day That Never Comes.' The song itself is 7:56 in length and the video clocks in at just under eight and a half minutes. The video has a heavy cinema-feel to it, no doubt courtesy of Vinterberg, an award-winning Danish director.

'The Day That Never Comes' marks Metallica's seventh Top 40 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, debuting at No. 31. The song reached No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Chart.

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