Metallica officially kicked off their No Repeat Weekend tour last month in support of their latest album 72 Seasons, and while we can expect to hear a lot of deep cuts throughout the trek, don't anticipate them to play the Ride the Lightning track "Escape" by any means. They responded to a fan's recent TikTok about the song, reminding everyone how much they dislike it themselves.

The band has never hidden their disdain for the song. According to a discussion James Hetfield had with Sopitas in 2017, "Escape" was a last-minute composition that the band had to throw together for Ride the Lightning because the label wanted there to be one more song on it. Thus, the only time they ever played the song was during their 2012 Orion festival, when they played Ride the Lightning in its entirety.

Last month, a Metallica fan uploaded a TikTok of themselves listening to Ride the Lightning on vinyl, with text that reads, "Listening to Metallica's 'Escape' after many, many years of skipping it." Additionally, they pose the question in the caption, "Is Metallica's 'Escape' better than I remember it?"

"No, it's not," Metallica commented from their own verified account, as pointed out by a user on Reddit.

A ton of fans replied to Metallica's comment requesting them to play the song live, with one even asserting that they prefer the track over the band's latest album 72 Seasons. A few of them speculated that Hetfield is the member who wrote the comment in the first place.

"Play it live! You played 'Orion' do it next please," one individual added, referencing the Master of Puppets track.

See the TikTok below.

Prior to the band's performance of "Escape" at their Orion festival in 2012, Hetfield told the audience that they never wanted to play it live.

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"This is groundbreaking right here. This is historical for those of you who might know what's coming up next. The song that we never wanted to play live — ever — is now on the setlist," the singer said. "We're not afraid. We just hope it is good. We'll do our best, alright? You can sing along, if you want. That might help."

Check out the band's performance of the song underneath the TikTok.

Metallica's next shows are scheduled for May 17 and 19 in Paris, France. They'll be in Europe until the middle of June, then will head out for a North American run starting in early August. See the full itinerary and get tickets here.

Metallica Comment on TikTok about 'Escape'
TikTok - @shotokanguitarist

Metallica - 'Escape' Live (2012)

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