Metallica are behaving like Santa this holiday season, generously doling out previously unreleased songs from the 'Death Magnetic' sessions. They are essentially sonic presents! The latest new-yet-old song is 'Hell and Back,' which dropped last night after the band performed the song at its third (of four) anniversary show underplays for fan club members at the Fillmore in San Francisco. It's 'Tallica's 30th birthday but they are the one gifting fans with songs.

The rough mix of 'Hell and Back' was emailed to members of the official fan club and you can check it out below. It's seven minutes of fast-tempo 'Tallica, with a choppy chorus where James Hetfield sings "straight to hell and back," while backed up by a beefy riff. It's hard, with a chunky part that roars in at the four-minute mark and reminds us a wee bit of 'One.'

It's beyond cool of the band to dip into the vaults to resurrect these songs and release them, rather than allowing them to languish on a shelf, collecting dust. The band stated: "We're pretty excited to be bringing these songs back to life nearly four years after they were recorded. Once again, this is the unpolished version of the song... the original rough mix from March of 2008 in its rawest, untouched form."

Raw and untouched Metallica? That's just how we like it. 'Hell and Back' will certainly send the adrenaline and blood coursing through your veins with its firepower.

'Hate Train' and 'Just a Bullet Away' were dragged outta the archives and released earlier this week to the delight of fans.

Last night's show was off the hook and filled with A-list guest stars like Judas Priest's Rob Halford, Glenn Danzig, who performed a trio of Misfits covers with the band, Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Down's Pepper Keenan, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gary Rossington, Faith No More's Jim Martin and ex-bassist Jason Newsted, once again.

The band played 21 songs, and 'Hell and Back' was included.

The band's setlist was as follows:

'Suicide & Redemption'
'Master of Puppets'
'..And Justice for All'
'Of Wolf & Man'
'Fade to Black'
'The Thing That Should Not Be'
'I Disappear'
'The Outlaw Torn'
'Hell and Back'
'For Whom the Bell Tolls' (with Jerry Cantrell)
' Nothing Else Matters' (with Jerry Cantrell)
'So What?!'
'Tuesday's Gone' (with Gary Rossington, Pepper Keenan, Jerry Cantrell, and Jim Martin)
'Fuel' (with Jason Newsted)
'Fight Fire With Fire' (with Jason Newsted)
'Die, Die My Darling'(with Glenn Danzig)
'Last Caress' (with Glenn Danzig)
'Green Hell' (with Glenn Danzig)
'Rapid Fire' (with Rob Halford)
21. Seek & Destroy (with Jason Newsted, Jerry Cantrell, Pepper Keenan, Jim Martin, Glenn Danzig, Animal, Laaz Rockit and The Soul Rebels brass band)

Listen to Metallica 'Hell and Back'