Metallica are becoming quite the pros at performing the National Anthem at sporting events. Guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have figured out how to put their own unique stamp on the song and on Saturday (June 6), they had a chance to perform it for the X Games crowd in Austin, Texas.

As can be seen in the clip above, Hetfield and Hammett delivered an electrifying instrumental version of the song from the dirt track as both X Games athletes and the crowd in attendance watched on. Hammett starts the song, taking the higher end notes while Hetfield joins in with lower end accompaniment. And, at one point, Hetfield turns to his amps to get more feedback and a blast of the song's power, before triumphantly pumping his fist to the sky at the end of the performance.

Aside from performing the National Anthem, Metallica have been heavily involved with this weekend's X Games festivities. The band teamed up with electronic outfit the Glitch Mob to create a remix of "Lords of Summer" that has been serving as a theme song during ESPN's weekend coverage. You can check out the song and get a free download here.

In addition, they also performed at the event and announced just last week that they'll be donating the proceeds from the money they raised in online downloads of their X Games performance to the Central Texas Red Cross to aid victims of the recent Central Texas flooding and storms. All formats of their X Games concert will be on sale for $5 from now through July 15 and the band will donate the money within that time frame to the Red Cross. You can pre-order the download of their performance via the band's site to help those in need.

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