Metallica's ninth music video of their career is also one of their lesser known videos. 'Mama Said' marks the third single from the album 'Load' and is the second and final Metallica video directed by Dutch filmmaker Anton Corbijn.

For the very heartfelt song that follows a personal look into singer James Hetfield's relationship with his mother, who passed away when he was 16 years old, Corbijn put a unique spin on the music video. For the entire clip, Hetfield is sitting in the back of a car that appears to be traveling through different parts of the country. While Hetfield is the predominant figure in the video, there is a point where the other three members of Metallica are seen walking in front of the car; guitarist Kirk Hammett points at Hetfield as he walks away.

There's no question that the song itself stands out in Metallica's extensive catalogue, so it only makes sense that the music video stands out as well. 'Mama Said' has never been played live by Metallica as an entire band, however Hetfield has played it live solo on an acoustic guitar.

The video was filmed in November 1996 in London, England, and has never aired in the United States.