Another Metallica music video directed by Wayne Isham, 'I Disappear' premiered on May 4, 2000. The song was recorded specifically for the soundtrack for the movie, 'Mission: Impossible II.' Isham and the band recorded the music video in Monument Valley, Arizona.

Isham decided to create four mini-movies within the video, following each member of the band through his own story. Throughout those stories, the video features Metallica jamming 'I Disappear' alone on a huge rock in Monument Valley. Connecting the video to 'Mission: Impossible II,' Isham also included footage of Tom Cruise, the main character of the 'Mission: Impossible' film franchise.

The single for 'I Disappear' was only released in Germany. 'I Disappear' spurred the very public debate between Metallica and Napster after an unfinished version of the song was found on the file-sharing network.