Once again teaming up with director Wayne Isham, Metallica premiered the music video for 'St. Anger's' second single, 'Frantic,' on Aug. 15, 2003. Like the song, the video moves fast and definitely conveys a sense of franticness.

Filmed in Montreal, Canada, 'Frantic' follows the story of a man who is involved in an intense car crash. At the point of his accident - flying through an RV at an intersection - he looks back at his life and the way he lived it. The song follows the theme of the lyrics, 'My lifestyle determines my deathstyle.'

'Frantic' peaked at No.  21 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. In the documentary 'Some Kind of Monster,' when discussing the title of the album, drummer Lars Ulrich was passionate about using 'Frantic' as the title. Eventually, everyone agreed 'St. Anger' was a better name.