Metallica recently announced the latest addition to Blackened American Whiskey's Masters of Whiskey series. The new collaboration with Wes Henderson—co-founder of Angel's Envy—is set to hit store shelves this fall and now, fans and whiskey drinkers alike can tune into the full playlist used in the new whiskey's Black Noise sonic enhancement process.

For the uninitiated, the Black Noise sonic enhancement process is unique to Blackened. Barrels of Metallica's whiskey are literally rocked by their music thanks to low-hertz frequencies being blasted. As Blackened describes the process:

Sonic-enhancement is the process of using certain soundwave frequencies to affect the spirit inside the barrel. When applied properly, the soundwaves actually cause the movement of the barrel and the liquid inside. This movement increases the interaction between the liquid and the barrel, resulting in a deeper penetration of the spirit into the wood.

Blackened Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich told us earlier this year, "We've brought the masters of whiskey, the masters of metal and the masters of sound together to sort this thing out and figure out how we can make it work, to make it function. If you've been to a Metallica concert, you know there is no gimmickry to how they approach their craft and their passion. They apply the exact same to this process and, really, to anything they do. It's one-thousand-percent authentic."

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So before you pour yourself a glass of Blackened X Wes Henderson, you can crank up the exact playlist that rocked the new bottles of whiskey, including some classic tracks like "No Remorse" and "Orion."

Check it out and stream it in the player below:

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