With the release of their latest album ‘Resolution,’ Lamb of God are paving their own way in modern metal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect on the past and what they’ve learned from it. A few years back, Lamb of God toured with a little band that goes by the name of Metallica, and according to guitarist Mark Morton, took away a lot from their time spent on the road with the metal masters.

In a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar, Morton admits that he’s been a Metallica fan since the first time he heard ‘Ride the Lightning.’ “I think I’ve been inspired by them on a musical level for decades,” admits Morton. Regarding Metallica’s foray into a more commercial direction, Morton didn’t necessarily follow their music during that time, but does respect them for their decisions. “I think it was a big risk and they pulled it off like no one ever has and there’s a lot to be said for that," he says. "I have a huge respect and admiration for their guts in doing that and how well they executed it.”

But what really impressed Morton about Metallica was their preparation for and dedication to their live shows. “These guys switch up their set list every single night," he said, adding that he frequently would witness them “practice and rehearse for 45 minutes to an hour as a band before they take the stage." He continued: "You’ll be walking down the hallway and hear them learning one of their songs that they maybe haven’t played in a couple months. Rehearsing it and getting it back up to speed because they’re gonna play it that night and they may not have played it for a month -- or a year.” Morton admits that it was that kind of behavior that made him want to take a look at his own band and see how it could get better.

Mission accomplished! Lamb of God seem to be putting that inspiration to good use. The band, which could easily sell out larger venues, just wrapped up an intimate U.S. club tour, bringing their music front and center to fans across the East Coast. For all the sweaty details, read our review of their recent New York show here.