The childhood home of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has hit the market at an asking price of 48 million Danish kroner, approximately $6.85 million U.S. dollars.

The property is located on a large corner lot in Hellerup, Denmark, an affluent suburb of Copenhagen.

The impressive, multi-story brick home was built in 1907 and designed by famed Danish architect Carl Brummer. According to its official listing, the house has “been a residence for Denmark's elite - including various cultural figures, musicians and sportsmen.”

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The property boasts oversized windows, hardwood floors and a gorgeous, distinctive design. Outside, it features a lush backyard, utility shed and greenhouse.

Most recently the home, which is zoned for both residential and business purposes, has functioned as a fertility clinic.

See pictures of Lars Ulrich's childhood home in the gallery below.

When Did Lars Ulrich Move to America?

Lars lived the first 17 years of his life in Denmark before relocating to Southern California in 1980.

In a video which you can watch below, the Metallica drummer visited his childhood home decades after he lived there.

"That's where I spent 17 years, right in there," Ulrich remarked while looking up at the house. "Up there on the balcony was my dad's playroom, where he sat and listened to Miles Davis and [John] Coltrane records. Copenhagen was sort of the hotbed of jazz music in Europe in the '60s… All the jazz musicians would come and hang out here, and a lot of the hippies, and that was his kind of environment away from tennis. When he was here chillin', that was kind of what he did, and hung with all these crazy cats."

Ulrich openly acknowledged his childhood was far from ordinary.

“There wasn't anything typical about any of this,” the drummer noted. “That's why when people like [James] Hetfield, and so on, sit there and talk about their childhoods and all this type of stuff, what went on in here was like a whole different universe."

Lars Ulrich's Childhood Home

Gallery Credit: Corey Irwin

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