Gojira have become one of the most respected acts in metal today. While on their latest tour, which happened to be with Slayer (see our recap and photos of the NYC show), we had the opportunity to sit down with frontman Joe Duplantier, who talked about bands he has hit the road with who've left a long-lasting impact on him.

Anyone who talks to Duplantier knows that he is a massive Metallica fan so when we talked to him about important touring experiences, he stated a noteworthy one. “Metallica. It was so huge, I mean opening for Metallica for us was a dream. It was a dream come true, ever since I was a kid I would listen to Metallica,” said Duplantier.

He goes on to explain his obsession with the thrash icons. “At one point, Metallica was my life! I would watch their VHS tape after school and interviews and shows, documentaries and listening to their albums – just trying to figure out how they came up with such a masterpiece as I was listening to ‘Ride the Lightning.’”

Duplantier continues to talk about the memorable and surreal experience. “Then here we are having dinner with them in a restaurant after a show in front of 30,000 people. Then they call us again and we go to Europe and we did some festivals in Poland in front of 80,000 people. That whole experience, even if I wasn’t a fan, it would already be incredible for our band but on top of that there’s something deep inside. Every day, I’m waking up and I’m hanging out with Metallica and playing with Metallica.”

The frontman also talked about numerous other bands that he has been a positive impact while trekking around on tour. “Lamb of God was also big and we became close friends. Touring with In Flames was amazing, too. I wasn’t familiar with their music and I became a fan on the tour, watching them every night and sounding incredible. They like to party, we’re party poopers a little bit, but it was cool to relax and have a beer with them.  Behemoth was great, too.”