"Cirice" is one of Ghost's heavier songs, but what would it sound like if it was played by Metallica? YouTuber Denis Pauna has struck gold once again by playing the song in the style of Metallica, particularly trying to recreate their Black Album sound.

"Here's my take where I was mainly focused on something like Black Album era, but more periods can be heard," Pauna wrote in the description for the video. "Simplified 90's drumming with typical Lars' [Ulrich] sudden fills and cymbals, harmonies, heavy guitars and rough voice (which has more Lemmy than [James] Hetfield)."

Pauna also noted that Hetfield is actually a fan of Ghost. In 2018, a clip surfaced of the frontman playing the riffs to "Cirice," and then Metallica took Ghost on tour with them in 2019.

Many commenters on Pauna's video pointed out that this rendition of "Cirice" actually sounds more like it would have come off of Metallica's ...And Justice for All rather than the Black Album, but his vision was a success nonetheless — you wouldn't even know that it was actually a Ghost song if this was your first time hearing it.

The musician has created countless videos similar to this one, making combinations of songs by artists that sound nothing like one another. A recent one he did that also featured Metallica was "For Whom the Bell Tolls" done in the style of Alice in Chains.

Ghost's "Cirice" Done in the Style of Metallica

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