Looking for a drummer that has as much bark as he does bite? Then you'll want to watch this canine who can count it off. Posted by Kiriakos Kazokos on YouTube, the video above shows an adorable pup pounding the drums on the Metallica classic "Enter Sandman."

And while this pooch probably has a little help keeping the beat, it is fun watching his little arms bash away on the symbol then start to deliver the opening build that fans have come to know and love. The sunglasses-sporting, sweater-wearing dog does Lars Ulrich proud, and over one million viewers have viewed the clip with nearly 11,000 offering a "thumbs up" on the post.

While this is fun to watch, Metallica fans are no doubt ready for the real deal. The group continues to work on a new album in between concerts, though the upcoming disc has become more of a priority over the past year.

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