Metallica debuted their new stage set up, which commemorates three decade of history, last night (July 28) in Mexico City during the first of eight shows at Palacio de los Deportes. During the performance of 'Enter Sandman,' one of the onstage flare launchers malfunctioned. Two stagehands inspected them, only to be engulfed in a huge flame. You can see video of the pyro-gone-wrong below, with one man appearing to be completely on fire at the bottom left.

Frontman James Hetfield pleaded for the show to stop and that's when other stage crew members came out with fire extinguishers, rushing to the aid of their associates, who were carried out on stretchers. A few minutes later, 'Tallica resumed the performance.

Scary scene right?

Not so fast. There are rumors that this is a scripted and planned part of the show although seeing someone become a human inferno isn't exactly entertaining. "It's all part of the show," a spokesperson for Ocesa, the promoter of the concert, said, according to Blabbermouth.

Apparently, the band was recreating the accident that was initially staged for the 'Cunning Stunts' video. In that 1998 video, the stage collapsed and exploded during 'Enter Sandman' and a stage tech was ignited, running across the stage while ablaze.

The band also posted a recap of the show on its official website last night, with a casual mention of a mishap ("guy was caught on fire"), making us think that it was indeed a carefully executed stunt.

Below is the 'Tallica post on the show.

What an amazing first show with the new mind blowing stage. During Puppetz, lighted crosses came up from the stage, Battery saw pyro and coffins, then we had Nothing. Enter Sandman was up next, and that's when shit really hit the fan! Loud bangs, random fireworks, falling towers, falling spot light guy, falling scaffolding, guy was caught on fire.... then a complete black out. After a few mins, some things were still working, so the crew brought up some work lights, amps and speakers, and the band played on with Die, Die My Darling. Seek was the final song of the night, with beach balls falling from the ceiling, and the infamous Metal Up You Ass toilet came down at the end os the show. Full setlist is up, pics to come.

Watch Stage Crew Catch on Fire at Metallica Mexico City Show