Metallica's "Enter Sandman" has been used as a college football rallying cry, it's pumped up many a sporting event, it's been used as a radio talk show theme and yes, it's even been used as an entrance theme for numerous entertainers. But, during his recent comedy special, comedian Lewis Black shares with the crowd his immediate regret upon walking out to one of the biggest songs ever from James Hetfield and crew.

Black recently posted his "Tragically, I Need You" comedy special that was taped in 2022 at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York, not long after in-person entertainment returned following the pandemic shutdown.

The comedian opens by downplaying the audience enthusiasm, before addressing that coming out to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" might have been an overreach.

“I think that music, I mean it’s great, but it’s over the top," said Black, humorously explaining, "It creates an expectation in this room. You hear this and you get fucking pumped and you think, ‘What’s gonna come out?’ Jugglers and sword swallowers and fire eaters and gymnasts and fucking wild animals even, jaguars and tigers and … and then just one aging Jew wanders on the stage.”

He's not wrong. Metallica's fist-pumping anthem delivers one of the great tension-building guitar and drum intros in metal history and it does conjure up grandiose visions to entertain the eyes.

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Black continues to downplay the expectations with the crowd while setting the stage for those unfamiliar with his act, which often finds the comedian getting angrier and angrier going off on fiery rants much like he did while appearing on Comedy Central's The Daily Show for many years. And if you've seen Black's show, you know that he actually does live up to the expectation that "Enter Sandman" promises, despite his humble opening.

Black remains one of the top touring comedians, with dates every month for the rest of the year with the exception of August. You can get tickets and see where he's playing here. Meanwhile, you can catch Metallica performing "Enter Sandman" as part of their "M72" tour at full stadium venue volume. Be sure to get your tickets to see them here.

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