For ultimate fans, there are several ways to keep Metallica at the forefront of your everyday lives. Maybe it's listening to 'Master of Puppets' on repeat before work, maybe it's watching one of the concerts from 'Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge' every night before you go to bed. Or, maybe it's downloading a mobile app that you can take with you wherever you go. After spending days searching through the app stores for both Android phones and iPhones, we've put together a list of the five best mobile apps for Metallica fans.

  • Metal Blade Records

    Metal Blade Records

    Any mention of Metallica without bringing up Metal Blade Records is a sin. Fortunately for Metallica fans, Metal Blade Records - the label started by Brian Slagel that gave the band their first commercial release as part of the compilation album 'Metal Massacre' - has an official mobile app for iPhone and Android users. Everything you need to know about Metal Blade Records' artists is found right in this one-stop-shop, including artist tour dates, music, videos, photos and more.

  • ESP Guitars

    ESP Guitar Experience

    If there's one thing the guitarists in Metallica love, it's their ESP guitars. While they are known to pick up other axes, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are such ESP fanatics that they're featured in the guitar company's official mobile app. Not only can you get the complete down-low on all the ESP axes Hetfield and Hammett use, but you can also use the built-in tuner as you try to perfect your thrash sound. As of now, this app is only available in the Apple App Store.

  • Metallica Revenge

    Metallica Revenge

    With a four-star rating and over 3,000 reviews in the Apple App Store, Metallica Revenge is one of the highest-rated music games available for your iPhone. Taking its cue from games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, you have the chance not only listen to some killer tunes, but also master your "tapping" skills as you try to play the music on your phone. Metallica Revenge is available only on iOS-powered devices, so if that's you, start rocking out to Metallica during your morning commute. Before you head to the App Store, make sure you know this game is not free; it will cost you $4.99.

  • Orion Music + More

    Orion Music + More

    Even though Metallica's Orion Music + More festival wrapped up on June 24, 2012, fans can still live the experience over and over again through the fest's official app. That's right, you can go through photos, answer trivia questions and even stay in touch with all things Orion on Facebook and Twitter. You can download the official app on your Android device or your iPhone and read up on all the bands who were a part of Orion, too. What better way to get ready for the 2013 festival than by downloading the app today?


    Live Metallica

    One of the coolest things Metallica do is make their live shows available for download to their fans. There is no better way to relive your 'Tallica concert experience than to listen to that setlist over and over and over. Not only does the Live Metallica app store all of your purchases, but it also allows you to stream the most recently made available concert in its entirety ... for free! For now, only iPhone users will be able to enjoy this official Metallica app, though. Download it today from the App Store.