Not long after Metallica announced they'd be playing PNC Park in Pittsburgh, The Tribune-Review shared a suggested setlist for the show—an all-Pirates-themed setlist.

In his Friday column, Tim Benz pulled no punches with his proposal, taking aim at, well, anyone and everyone related to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"I assume all these hits will be crowd pleasers," he writes. "Something that isn't always the case when the Pirates are playing there." PNC Park, the home of the Pirates, opened in 2001 and sits on Pittsburgh's North Shore.

It's a massive setlist that would make any 'Tallica fan happy; 23 career-spanning songs covering the hits as well as some deep cuts. But the reality is Benz isn't writing for metal fans—he's reaching out to Pirates fans everywhere.

When he suggests "Cyanide," he bluntly explains why: "What most Pirates consider ingesting by mid-June." Or for "My Apocalypse": "What Pirates fans endure every time they see a replay of Sid Bream sliding across home plate in 1992."

Our personal favorite comes with "St. Anger," though: "The patron saint of baseball fans in Western Pennsylvania." Metallica are no strangers to the game of baseball, so maybe they'll take Benz up on his suggestions. You can read Benz's full pitch right here and you can grab details on Metallica's Pittsburgh show—as well as their other stadium show in Buffalo—here.

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Metallica have a lot of dates scheduled for 2022—including some festivals in the states as well as several gigs across the globe—and fans are hoping they'll add more shows to the itinerary. They kicked off the year last night (Friday, Feb. 25) in Las Vegas; you can check out some killer photos from Ultimate Classic Rock below.

Metallica and Greta Van Fleet Las Vegas 2022

Metallica and Greta Van Fleet Perform in Las Vegas, Feb. 25, 2022

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