As the heavy metal world continues to mourn the loss of the legendary and one-of-a-kind Jon ZazulaThe New York Times has shared a beautiful tribute to the man—and his wife—who signed Metallica.

The obituary, written by Neil Genzlinger, opens with a proper nod to Marsha Zazula, who passed away nearly exactly one year ago:

Jon Zazula, who with his wife, Marsha, founded Megaforce Records and was an important figure in the emergence of heavy metal music, giving Metallica, Anthrax and other bands their start, died on Tuesday at his home in Clermont, Fla. He was 69.

The Times highlights tributes shared by Metallica, as well as mentions Jonny Z and Marsha's first employee, Maria Ferrero, who founded and continues to run Adrenaline PR. For a publication that doesn't write about Metallica all that often, Genzlinger did an incredible job of honoring Jonny Z.

The write-up shows admiration for Jonny Z as it looks across his legacy, a legacy that began in the Bronx and took him to New Jersey, where he eventually ran across No Life 'Til Leather and would change the history of rock and roll forever.

Fortunately, his legacy continues—through his work, his fans, and his family:

Mr. Zazula is survived by three daughters, Danielle Zazula, Rikki Zazula and Blaire Zazula Brewer; two brothers, Evan and Robert; and five grandchildren.

You can read The New York Times' obituary for Jonny Z here.

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