Up until now, the storyline behind Metallica’s upcoming 3D movie ‘Metallica Through the Never’ hadn’t taken shape in video form, but in a newly released trailer for the film, all of the pieces start to fall into place.

Combining both a narrative and live-performance footage of Metallica, ‘Metallica Through the Never’ tells the story of a fictional character named Trip, a roadie that was sent out on an important mission during a sold out Metallica gig. Throughout his adventure Trip, portrayed by actor Dane DeHaan, has to battle protesters, riots and even a masked horseman along the way as the story plays out song by crushing song, all set to the soundtrack of Metallica.

The performance footage throughout the mega-movie was created and filmed exclusively for the movie and the trailer gives a glimpse of what’s in store. From explosive pyrotechnics, piercing lasers and a monstrous-sized stage fit for the big screen, the overall movie-going experience will definitely be an assault on the senses.

‘Metallica Through the Never’ is set to make its IMAX debut on September 27 and will be available in additional theaters the following week, Oct. 4

The teaser poster for the movie was also recently unveiled and can be seen below.

'Metallica Through The Never' Official Teaser Poster:

Metallica Movie Poster