Who's ready for the latest Metallica release? On Dec. 10, 2012, Metallica will be releasing their next DVD/Blu-Ray installment known as 'Quebec Magnetic.' This self-released product will feature two concerts recorded during a two-night residency in Canada in Quebec City during the band's ‘World Magnetic Tour.’

You already knew all this, though, didn't you? You've got your Christmas list sent to the North Pole with 'Quebec Magnetic' at the top. With Christmas a few weeks away still, we thought we'd wet your appetite a bit by featuring Metallica's official trailer for 'Quebec Magnetic.' In the trailer, you'll hear snippets of 'The Four Horsemen' and 'Holier Than Thou' as well as some other tunes.

'Quebec Magnetic' will turn out to be a release that every 'Tallica fan should have in their collection. If you're not convinced yet, just watch the trailer. We promise you'll add it to your Christmas wish list.

Metallica's 'Quebec Magnetic' - Official Trailer