Metallica have released a new 28-minute video containing behind-the-scenes footage and onstage performances from the historic Big 4 show last week at New York's Yankee Stadium.The footage starts out with Metallica jamming out in a very vacant Yankee Stadium the day before the big show. The always stylish guitar man Kirk Hammett is sporting a cigar in his mouth while playing onstage.

In the video, Robert Trujillo states “Lars is so sexy” as he allows fans into drummer Lars Ulrich’s set up at the side of his drum set, which includes cherry mint water, a sandwich (consisting of Danish mozzarella cheese and brown mustard) as well as a cup of tea, a box of tissues … and a plastic goat?

The video also includes snippets of a very entertaining yet personal meet and greet Metallica had with diehard fans at Yankee Stadium, as well as a jam session in the tuning room. A bulk of the footage is of the big night itself on Sept 14, specifically of the band's laser light show during ‘Blackened’ and their epic performance of Motorhead’s ‘Overkill’ with members of Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth.

Watch Metallica's Big 4 Video