Making its worldwide debut on Nov. 19, 1991, 'The Unforgiven' is the third music video released by Metallica. Like 'One,' there are multiple versions of this music video: the standard video that clocks in at six minutes and 24 seconds, and the "theatrical" version that runs more than 11 and a half minutes long.

The black and white video was filmed by Matt Mahurin in Los Angeles, and like the videos released before it, it follows along the theme of the lyrics while also showing clips of the band performing the song. The theatrical version of 'The Unforgiven' includes the same music video as the original version, but it also features several minutes of scenes prior to the start of the song.

Nearly five years after shooting this video, Mahurin would return to help Metallica with two more music videos. In addition to Metallica, he has worked with the likes of Alice in Chains, Bush, Hole and Soundgarden.

'The Unforgiven' is one of four songs on the band's 1991 self-titled album (aka The Black Album) that credits lead guitarist Kirk Hammett as a co-writer.

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