Metallica shared behind-the-scenes and onstage footage from their recent show in Prague, which took place in early May. The clip, which clocks in at 22 minutes, follows the band as it soundchecks before the gig, as it meets and greets fans and as it performs 'The Struggle Within.' It's like having an all-access pass to 'Tallica in Europe.

Hearing the band –specifically James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett- tune instruments during soundcheck on May 6 is as intimate and as keyhole view as it gets. Interestingly, it's one of the few times that Metallica are in an arena and the seats are actually empty.

After soundcheck, the band is shown meeting a batch of lucky fans, scribbling their John Hancocks on a variety of items and shaking hands. It's a good mix of male and female fans backstage, clamoring to meet their idols. Metallica fans are an eclectic bunch. There's also lots of metal mugging for the camera. You know, bunched up faces, throwing horns, sticking out tongues!

When drummer Lars Ulrich meets a fan, they speak to each other in a different language and the guy is so overwhelmed by meeting the skinsman that he is moved to tears. They hug it out. It is a nice moment between the band and a fan.

The scenery eventually shifts to the live show on May 7, where the band tears through 'The Struggle Within.' Check out James' thoroughly metallic vest.

All in all, this footage, posted by the band, offers a day-in-the-life view of the biggest hard rock band on the planet.

Watch Soundcheck + Show Footage From Metallica in Prague