With Metallica’s new flick ‘Through the Never’ premiering last week, members of band made special appearances throughout the country, personally introducing their new movie to fans. Some footage of the premieres that includes Q&A sessions has just been shared too, check it out above.

With the movie now out, fans continue to wonder about a few things. Will the band be planning a U.S. tour any time soon and what does the timeline for a new Metallica disc looks like? In a new interview with the Detroit News, frontman James Hetfield hits on both of those topic, although not confirming anything in much detail.

When it comes to new Metallica music, Hetfield said, "We want to make a record, that’s what we do best and that’s what we’ve gotta do in springtime.” He continued, “We’ve got skeleton bones that we’re starting to lay out to make something out of it, but there’s a lot of work ahead of us that we’re really excited about doing. And that will be next year.” Metallica’s last release was 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic.'

And it seems like the massive stage setup that fans get to check out in the movie ‘Through the Never’ may be coming soon to a stage near you. While the band had originally planned to tour with the stage and film the movie along the way, that didn’t exactly work out. However, Hetfield promises the stage will be making the rounds. “It can’t not be toured,” Hetfield said about the stage. “The stage is too cool to not tour eventually.”

The stage combines the history of Metallica throughout their impressive career. “It’s 30 years of all the theatrical props and ideas put into one stage,” explained Hetfield. From the crosses of ‘Master of Puppets’ to the crumbling Lady Justice from ‘... And Justice for All,’ Hetfield summed it up best as, “It’s all of the things put into one, but on steroids.”

‘Metallica: Through the Never’ is currently available in theaters, check out our review of the movie below: