Metallica? Sampled by Rihanna? On her new album? That appears to be the case. The Barbados-born pop star has allegedly sampled Metallica's 'Wherever I May Roam' from their 1991-released, self-titled 'Black' album on her new platter, 'Talk That Talk.' The pop diva reportedly borrows some of the James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett riffery that defines the song in her track 'Red Lipstick,' which will appear on the deluxe version of the album, which drops Nov. 21.

Just Jared reported the news with its preview of the entire album.

While most Loudwire readers likely aren't big RiRi fans, it's an interesting pairing nonetheless. It certainly makes us want to hear the song to see how the gnarly riffs were incorporated into a pop song. It's ambitious and experimental, but it's also not the first time something like that has been attempted. Genre cross-pollinating is nothing new.

Maybe Rihanna can return the favor and add a female vocal to some grand epic part that 'Tallica writes on their next album. Or not. We do like it when pop stars show off their rock sides, however.

Metallica's collaboration with Lou Reed, called 'Lulu,' dropped earlier this month. While Reed is sonically closer to Metallica than Rihanna, see what we mean by genre cross-pollinating? Stranger things have happened.