Though they've only performed it live 387 times in 39 years, Metallica have made "Ride the Lightning" a regular staple in their 2022 tour setlists. When they pulled it out as the night's fourth song at their recent show in Buffalo—following "Enter Sandman" and right before the crowd-pleasing "The Memory Remains"—the fans who packed Highmark Stadium responded with the same intensity the track has embodied for decades.

Fortunately, Metallica have released pro-shot footage of this particular performance and you can check it out—and crank it up—in the video below.

Watch Metallica Perform "Ride the Lightning" Live in Buffalo

"Ride the Lightning" is the second track on Metallica's 1984 LP of the same name. In 2012, the album was certified six-times platinum for selling six million copies in America. The titletrack was never released as an official single.

After Metallica performed it at Frölundaborg in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Feb. 13, 1987, they put it on the shelf until pulling it out onstage on May 18, 2003—16 years later—at The Fillmore in San Francisco. This was the first of four shows at The Fillmore, all of which were exclusive to MetClub members. Several performances from these shows, including "Ride the Lightning," were captured and shared as part of Metallica's Fan Can V.

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Metallica performed "Ride the Lightning" at their following show in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Aug. 14, as well. They currently have one final date left for 2022, a headlining set at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City. Fans can learn how to score tickets to the fest here.

Some of Our Favorite Live Photos of Lars Ulrich

As iconic as James Hetfield is, as much of a shredder as Kirk Hammett is and as crazy as Robert Trujillo is onstage, there might be no member more associated with Metallica than Lars Ulrich.

Afterall, he's the reason the band even exists. He's a major part of the songwriting process. He's the voice that stood up for Metallica and musicians across the globe in the wake of Napster.

After hours and hours of rifling through photos of Ulrich, we whittled this list down to just a few of our favorite live shots from the last 20 years. Of course, there's no way to encapsulate Ulrich in a mere photograph, but as you will no doubt be able to tell, you can get pretty close.

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