With the impending release of Metallica's 'Quebec Magnetic,' a DVD/Blu-Ray release that captures two concerts filmed in 2009 in Quebec City, the band has been getting fans excited by dropping sneak peeks of what to expect. We've seen the performances of 'Master of Puppets' and 'The Day That Never Comes,' but perhaps the coolest performance is the latest sneak peek, 'The Four Horsemen.'

"We're gonna make you feel better, you're gonna make us feel better," James Hetfield says at the beginning of the video. "We're gonna do it together, right now, with some old stuff." With that, Metallica tears into a ripping performance of one of their oldest tracks from their debut album, 'Kill 'Em All.' Getting an in-your-face perspective of the performance, along with seeing the fans go crazy during the song, is enough to get anyone excited about 'Quebec Magnetic.'

Set to hit storeshelves tomorrow (Dec. 11), Metallica's 'Quebec Magnetic' will be the band's first release on their new label, Blackened Recordings. As a show of good will toward their gigantic fanbase (over 27 million Facebook fans), 'Tallica have promised over and over that the release will be reasonably priced, and at just $15.98 for either edition, they will be living up to their promise.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by gathering around the flat screen with loved ones and cranking up 'Quebec Magnetic' so loud it wakes the neighbors?

Metallica Perform 'The Four Horsemen' - 'Quebec Magnetic'
The Official and Extended Trailer for 'Quebec Magnetic'