Metallica are returning to the big screen albeit not in the same capacity as their "let it all hang out" rock doc 'Some Kind of Monster.' With that film, viewers were able to witness 'Tallica in a new and almost too intimate light, since the band members let the cameras in on band therapy sessions and it changed the way many fans, both diehard and casual, saw them. Perhaps they are looking to right the cinematic ship with this new project?, which is a reputable Hollywood source that always scoops news in the film world, reports that the band plans to self-finance a 3D feature film and has hired producer Charlotte Huggins, who worked on 'Journey to the Center of the Earth,' to begin the process. With Huggins in place, the band has set about finding a director.

That's about all we know right now.

No word on what the plot will be and if the members of the band will actually appear in front of the camera. From the term "feature film" we can surmise that it will be a plot-driven narrative complete with characters and storyline. Again, it's totally different than 'Some Kind of Monster,' so this certainly doesn't appear to be a sequel.

'Lulu,' Metallica's collaboration with Lou Reed, drops on Nov. 1. Maybe Lulu, who is seen as an armless, flame-haired mannequin on the album cover, will be a character in this 3D film? We're just thinking out loud here.