'Nothing Else Matters' is Metallica's fourth music video, debuting on Feb. 25, 1992. Directed by Adam Dubin, the video takes fans behind the scenes with footage filmed during the recording of the bands self-titled disc (aka The Black Album) in the spring of 1991.

This is Metallica's first music video that doesn't follow a specific lyrical theme, rather it just focuses on the band and the performance of the song. Dubin not only directed the music video, but also filmed the feature-length documentary 'A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica.' Prior to working with Metallica, Dubin directed two music videos for the Beastie Boys. While a student at New York University, he was roommates with record producer Rick Rubin, who would later go on to produce 'Death Magnetic,' Metallica's ninth studio album.

One of Metallica's more mellow tracks, 'Nothing Else Matters' peaked on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart at No. 11. Initially, the song wasn't supposed to be released, but Lars Ulrich insisted it be added to the album.