Happy July! It's the start of a new month, and it's also the premiere date of the second volume of Stranger Thingsfourth season, which has been laced with rock and metal references all throughout. Now that all of the episodes are available on Netflix, it's been confirmed that Metallica's "Master of Puppets" is featured in the season finale.

Eddie Munson is the character who's been waving the heavy music flag throughout the fourth season of the show, from wearing a denim jacket with a giant Dio patch on the back to shredding a mysterious guitar solo that had the entire internet going insane. Joe Quinn, the actor who portrayed Munson in the series, even listened to a lot of metal to prepare for the role, and is a Metallica fan.

Prior to today, Munson's solo could only be seen in a trailer for the season because the finale hadn't been released yet. But, as it turns out, the solo is from "Master of Puppets," and a good portion of the song plays during an intense scene of the episode.

"Yup, 'Master of Puppets' is indeed in the season finale. But my god, was it used brilliantly. I've been waiting for this show to really use Metallica and not just kinda have it in the background," a Metallica fan praised of the scene on Reddit. "You can't have a piece of entertainment that's set in an '80s time-frame and not play Metallica. They definitely did the song justice. Big congrats to Metallica! I'm 100 percent certain 'MoP' is gonna have a massive resurgence."

The Reddit post contains a massive spoiler, so if you're planning on watching the show yourself, don't look. But, if you don't mind knowing the details, you can check out the scene below.

In addition to Metallica, the soundtrack for the season also features songs by KISS, Journey with Steve Perry, Talking Heads, The Beach Boys and more. Kate Bush's 1985 single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” has gone viral again as a result of the show, so we can anticipate that many of the others will too. Pre-order your copy of the soundtrack, which is available on CD, vinyl and cassette, here.

ScreenCrush pointed out that Netflix actually crashed earlier today as a result of the high volume of people attempting to watch the final two episodes of the show. We wonder how many of those people were Metallica fans.

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