The Metallica and Lou Reed collaborative album 'Lulu' didn't exactly set the metal world (or beyond) on fire. In fact, it came and went, with most Metallica fans steering clear of it, thanks to Reed's droney vocals and out-there lyrics. It wasn't a 'Tallica record, that's for sure. However, it did find a small audience in some way, shape and form. Despite the fact that album was a critical and commercial disappointment, Cherry Lane Music remains undeterred and is releasing the official guitar tablature book.

Note-for-note transcription of all guitar parts from the album's 10 songs is included in the book. So if you want to learn to play the songs, here's your source material. If you are a diehard collector of any and all Metallica memorabilia, then this is certainly something you want to add to your collection, if only for the sake of posterity.

The tab will drop on June 29 for the economical price of $22.99. It's available here.

Metallica themselves acknowledged the almost universal fan disdain for 'Lulu,' with drummer Lars Ulrich terming the reaction "spiteful." Those who don't fall into that particular category and who love everything that the Might M does likely had their day made by the news of this tab being released.