Is James Hetfield going all Walter White on us? The beloved Metallica frontman has publicly battled demons in the past, but in the latest part of Hetfield's 'Road Recovery' interview, the thrash legend admits, "You wouldn't really like me if you knew my story, if you knew what horrible things I've done."

In a recent piece of Hetfield's video interview with Road Recovery, he spoke about recovering from alcoholism and fan validation being "the most amazing drug" the Metallica frontman has ever experienced.

In this latest clip, Hetfield opens up in a way few have ever seen. "You wouldn't really like me if you knew my story, if you knew what horrible things I've done. I'm coming to grips with that, 'cause I have groups of people that I'm able to share all my horrible stuff with — shameful, extremely shameful, dark stuff. Some of it is things I've taken from my parents and carried it a little further. Other ones, I've been able to drop some of that. Other ones I've picked up on my own and then created… Shame's a big thing for me."

Hetfield continues, "Playing music has saved my life. Every day it saves my life. When I'm able to write a riff, write some lyrics, stuff like that… it's the way I connect with the world. And so I think kids that do have the gift of art, writing painting, drawing, designing, metalwork, woodwork… any craft-type stuff… caring for that… caring for that."

Watch the clip for yourself above. Road to Recovery is an organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and more. To learn more about the program, click here.

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